Enrollment fees have been updated in PowerSchool. Please check your parent portal for balances. Payments made through ezschoolpay.com online with a credit card or with a check sent to the school. Still time to complete the household finance form to qualify for reduced fees.
5 months ago, Roger Stumpf
You can put this under “it takes a village”, board members and teachers have helped out this week in the kitchen so our doors could stay open and our kids fed. Thank you to everyone that pitched in this week as we dealt with staff absences throughout the district.
1 day ago, Roger Stumpf
teacher servers
board servers
Southeast hosts Ellsworth for JH wrestling.
2 days ago, Roger Stumpf
JH wrestling
Lunch with children: Starting on Tuesday, January 18, parents will be able to schedule a day to eat lunch with their child at school provided that an alternate table or room is available for the day requested. All efforts will be made to accommodate requests but limitations will exist and flexibility on possible dates is appreciated. Elementary School entry: Elementary students who are dropped off at school will no longer walk to the west playground entrance in the morning. Students may now be dropped off at the North Entrance and begin entering the building once the first bus releases their passengers. This is typically between 7:50 and 7:55 a.m. Parents should continue to utilize the front row of parking spaces and be mindful of stopping in areas that might block a bus from reaching its designated slot.
5 days ago, Roger Stumpf
There is a special board meeting tonight at 5:00 p.m. to discuss changes to the covid protocols based on the CDC and KDHE recommendations. Board agenda is available on our website (https://go.boarddocs.com/ks/usd306/Board.nsf/vpublic?open) and the livestream link in located in the agenda. (https://youtu.be/YaHD5yv3rbk)
5 days ago, Roger Stumpf
Please visit our help wanted page. Southeast of Saline is HIRING!
6 days ago, Roger Stumpf
Mr. Schoenfeld receives the grant award for his hydroponics project. Over $14,000 with help create a fish/plant ecosystem that will provide hands on science for years to come.
6 days ago, Roger Stumpf
Mr. Schoenfeld
Southeast of Saline is experiencing an increase in illness related absences. The board of education met tonight to discuss the situation. We ask that all parents be diligent with following protocols, including performing self checks and staying home if ill. The school will emphasize hand washing and cleaning. Although masks are optional, with the increase in illness it is worth considering again, even if for a short time. Covid is certainly a part of the current illness spike but we are also seeing other communicable illnesses such as Influenza A. The only way to ensure it does not spread is to keep it out of the building. Please keep children at home if they have symptoms. The level of illness is higher in the secondary than the elementary at this point. We are concerned the growth of illness over the last few days will disrupt school and we ask for your assistance in addressing the health and welfare of our students. Thank you for your efforts to keep SES safe and in school.
9 days ago, Roger Stumpf
Reminder: Tonight is the SES AfterProm meeting at 7pm at The District. Final fundraising decisions will be made so all junior and senior parents are asked to attend. Your input is important. Thank you!
10 days ago, Rhonda Wright
Ben Monday, senior clarinet player, was selected for the third straight year to the State KMEA Honor Band! He will be traveling to Wichita at the end of February to rehearse in the State KMEA Honor Band. The performance will be on Saturday, February 26th at Century II.
10 days ago, Rhonda Wright
Ben Monday
Ben Monday, senior clarinet player, was selected for the third straight year to the State KMEA Honor Band! He will be traveling to Wichita at the end of February to rehearse in the State KMEA Honor Band. The performance will be on Saturday, February 26th at Century II.
11 days ago, Roger Stumpf
Ben Monday
SES Afterprom raffle to win custom Firepit. See Picture for details.
11 days ago, Rhonda Wright
Homemade Mac & Cheese bar and cinnamon rolls from 5 - 7pm at the basketball game vs Clay Center today January 11th. Toppings include bacon, sausage, chicken, bread crumbs, etc. Free will donation to benefit SES softball. Come join us for a great meal and basketball.
12 days ago, Rhonda Wright
Mac & cheese
Southeast held our winter concert this afternoon after the wind storm knocked out power on our December date. Great talent on display.
13 days ago, Roger Stumpf
Spirit of the Season
A reminder of the After Prom meeting next Wednesday, January 12, 7:00p at the District. We ask that all SES junior or senior parents attend this meeting. We will be making final decisions on fundraisers so a good turnout will help. Please spread the word to others. Thank you!!
15 days ago, Ms Wright
SES Pep Band Alumni Night Tuesday, January 11th, 2022 Meet in HS Band room at 6:15. (Please come earlier if you need an instrument) - Any and all SES band alumni are welcome to come and play with the pep band during the basketball game that evening. We would like to pack the stands with as many current and former band members as possible. - If you have any questions please contact Sean Keasling using school email.
15 days ago, Roger Stumpf
Southeast of Saline is canceling school for Thursday (1/06).
17 days ago, Roger Stumpf
An announcement was sent from the school this evening at about 5:45. If you did not receive both an email and a text message from the school then we need to update our system with the correct information to ensure communications are received. Please check your Powerschool Parent Portal to verify all information is correct and all children within a household are listed as siblings. This information was collected at enrollment and can be updated at any time by using the parent portal. If you are unable to log on to the system then please call the building secretaries for assistance.
18 days ago, Roger Stumpf
USD 306, Southeast of Saline has the following openings: - Business Manager / Treasurer of the BOE. Ideal candidate will have a strong Accounting, HR and Payroll background. -School Nurse starting the 2022-23 school year. https://www.usd306.org/page/job-openings
19 days ago, Kelsey Loader
Concert Re-Schedule date - The High School Spirit of the Season Concert that was cancelled before Christmas will be Sunday, January 9th at 2pm.
20 days ago, Rhonda Wright