Field House Fundraising Campaign

Southeast of Saline is announcing a fundraising campaign to assist with the renovation of the Field House located at Trojan Stadium.  If you have been out to the football or track facilities you know that the field house is in need of a dramatic overhaul.  The bathrooms are in rough shape and their capacity is just not adequate for the crowds that we have at our events.  The concession stand is also terribly undersized and needs work. 

Maintenance can only go so far for a facility that is over 50 years old.  Much of the plumbing is in poor condition because it does not drain properly to be effectively winterized after football season.  Breaks have become common each spring when we start back up for track season.  The frequent breaks have caused other issues as pipes within walls must be accessed to be repaired.

Simple maintenance cannot fix the issues with capacity. Trojans' Stadium has been added onto since its original design over 50 years ago. More people in the stands requires more capacity in the restrooms and the concessions areas. We have created a design concept that will address these capacity issues by creating a new concessions room outside the current structure and moving the press box to a second story. These measures will free up space inside the existing structure for expanded restroom facilities.

The School Board has spent a lot of time discussing options for this facility.  An architect has been hired and designs have been completed for a full renovation including expanding the restrooms to nearly twice their current capacity and adding on a new concession stand with room enough to effectively serve the crowds we see at events.

These renovations are expected to cost around $600,000 with the hope of raising about half from private or company donations.  There will be levels of contributions that will be connected to levels of recognition.  It includes options to have names engraved into bricks located at the site and plaques listing the names of leveled donors. The board would even consider renaming the facility under selective criteria. We encourage people and companies to consider contributing to the future of Southeast of Saline facilities.

Follow our progress as we look forward to the next 50 years at Southeast of Saline.

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