Parent Technology Information

SES Technology Information

  • SES Responsible Use Policy

    • All staff and students must sign the Responsible Use Policy to use district technology/equipment.


  • Chromebook Policy Handbook

    • All students in grades 7-12 must read this handbook before signing the Responsible Use Agreement and being issued a Chromebook.  

    • Contains information about care and use of the Chromebook, as well as a section with answers to frequently asked questions.  

    • This handbook is a PDF file, and may be saved and/or printed off campus.

  • Chromebook Responsible Use Agreement

    • All students in grades 7-12 must sign and return this agreement before being issued their Chromebook. 

  • Additional Information

    • Students will have the same Chromebook for the duration of the life of the device.  Take care of it!  

    • If you are having trouble signing in, be sure you are using the entire domain in the user name field:  Using will not work to sign in to the Chromebooks.