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Dear Jeff Hayes, Steve Bartholomew, Roger Stumpf Congratulations, USD 306 has been assigned a Meets Requirements level of determination (LOD) through the IDEA State Performance Plan Report for FFY 2020. “Meets Requirements” is the highest status level for district IDEA level of determination. The district earned this LOD by meeting substantial compliance on all compliance State Performance Plan (SPP) district-level indicators, including the timely submission of accurate data. The district may access this report and the District Expanded report at and clicking the Current Kansas APR Reports link in the left menu bar. As a result of the district’s Meets Requirements LOD for FFY 2020, USD 306 is eligible for a number of fiscal and program rewards, which are listed in the district’s Kansas APR Expanded Report. The following summary provides additional information regarding these rewards, including status updates or timelines by which rewards may be accessed. Please review this information and note available rewards for the district. ● This letter is written notification of the district’s Meets Requirements LOD for the special education director, superintendent and local school board president though the official notification of the district’s LOD status is provided in the IDEA State Performance Plan Report for FFY 2020 , provided on April 25. 2022, through the Current Kansas APR Reports link located in the left menu bar of the home page. ● KSDE recognizes that achievement and continuation of a Meets Requirements LOD requires quality leadership and appropriate knowledge of IDEA requirements and best practices. Therefore, as a reward for achieving Meets Requirements an additional stipend to support professional learning opportunities for district leadership is made available to the district through the TIP application process and budget. ● Achieving a Meets Requirements LOD is an accomplishment to share with other stakeholders and acknowledge for your leadership and staff. KSDE provides a recognition banner districts may place on websites or other publications of the district. ● The district may use the 50% Maintenance of Effort reduction. As a district achieving Meets Requirements LOD, the district, or LEA as applicable, may be eligible for taking an MOE Adjustment of up to 50% of an LEA’s increase in federal IDEA Part B Section 611 and 619 funding, for the purposes of meeting IDEA Maintenance of Effort eligibility and compliance requirements. Congratulations again on achieving the Meets Requirements LOD for FFY 2020 and your continued efforts toward improving the outcomes for Kansas students.   Sincerely, Bert Moore, Director Special Education and Title Services


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