Student Survey Disclosures

Southeast of Saline uses two surveys with students each year. These survey's are disclosed through the online enrollment process where parental consent is requested.

The most widely distributed survey is the MySaebers social emotional survey. This brief survey asks simple questions about connection and feeling. The complete survey is available at this link. This survey was created by FastBridge which is our academic screener. Together they serve the function of determining academic progress and emotional mindset for learning. The survey is taken several times per year and the students are identifiable in order to provide supports for students who may need them.

The second survey is much longer but only given to certain grade levels. Students in grades 6, 8, 10, and 12 take the Communities that Care survey. This survey is widely used throughout the state and provide solid comparable data for the school on the school environment. The complete survey is available at this link. SES administers the Core Survey plus the Family Domain Module and the Depression/suicide Module. This survey is completely anonymous. The school only receives aggregate data to help track trends.

Southeast of Saline strongly encourages students to participate in the surveys offered. The information gathered from the surveys are used by teachers and administration in their design and implementation of curriculum and interventions to support students in their academic achievement and development.