Board of Education

Board of education

Board Goals, Mission Statement & Vision Statement

Mission Statement:
The Southeast of Saline family strives to provide excellence in education to achieve each student's maximum potential.

Vision Statement:
Excellence in education... maximizing student potential

1. Manifest a district Culture that supports and nurtures each student and staff member through Positive relationships and character development.
2. Create and implement structures, timelines and responsibilities for consistent 
Progress Monitoring & Reporting that supports each student and results in district achievement levels in core subjects above state averages.
3. Increase 
Effective Communication and Civic Engagement of students and staff at the district, local, state and national levels.

Public Forum - Addressing the Board

The USD 306 Board of Education believes public participation and involvement in your local school district is of the utmost importance. We also encourage you to access regular school channels when having concerns before addressing the board of education. If you chose to address the board you have two options (Policy BCBI):

1. Speak during the “Public Forum” section of a board meeting (24 hour advance notice required) or

2. Follow the approved board procedures for proposing an agenda for a future meeting (7 day advance notice required)

If you choose to speak during the public forum this form must be completed and returned to the clerk, 24 hours prior to the start of the board meeting. Your request will then be distributed to the board president. Contact Board Clerk for more information.


Dwight Conley

Dr. Kenneth Johnson

District #2 (Gypsum)
Term Expires:  January '28

Jessica Goubeaux

Jessica Goubeaux

District #6 (Kipp)
Term Expires:  January 2026

Jill Ade photo

Jill Ade

District #5 (Gypsum)
Term Expires: January 2026

Justin Knopf

Justin Knopf

At Large 
Term Expires: January '28

Stephanie Markle

Stephanie Markle

District #4 (Assaria) 
Term Expires: January 2026

Charisse Nurnberg

Charisse Nurnberg

District #1 (Assaria) 
Term Expires: January 2028

Jimmy Shelby

Jimmy Shelby

District #3 (Kipp) 
Term Expires: January 2028

Strategic Plan