Member Districts

The board recently passed a resolution adjusting the member district boundaries.  Every ten years, following the completion of the census, districts are required to balance their board member representative areas to account for population shifts.  Each board member should represent approximately the same number of people.  You may be familiar with this on the state and national level as redistricting has recently impacted our local representatives.  

These changes to not alter the overall boundaries of USD 306 but the internal zones for board representation.  Unfortunately these are also called districts so it can be confusing.  There are six  geographically based board positions with one at-large position.  All patrons vote for all board positions in the general election but board candidates must reside within the member district they are wishing to represent and if there are three or more candidates for a position then only those patrons living with that geographical area may vote in the primary.  

The changes to this map from the old one are north and east of Mentor and east of Assyria.  The line dividing the Gypsum and Assyria member districts moved west from Simpson to Hopkins.  The line dividing Assyria and Kipp moved right around Mentor.  The population shift had left our member districts off by around 40% but the new lines have them balanced to within 5%.

More information about board elections can be found on our website under the District Tab.